Terms and technical features

Various room planning provides vast possibility to tenants for effective use of space as well as choice of designer’s solutions.
Planning of block A is made in so called modular version where the office space includes a number of auxiliary rooms. The major portion of the office space is a large room where partitions can be installed if the tenant requires.
Block B has a corridor system of office arrangement. Offices are rooms with exits to the one and the same corridor.
In block C the most of rooms have an "open space" planning, the most modern version of office arrangement, where any planning solutions can be implemented.
Average height of ceilings in office rooms 3.2 meters.
Most of office rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment of climate control systems.
Telecommunication servicing of tenants is carried out based on separate contracts signed with companies supplying these services. At present, companies Megaphone, SCS Sovintel and Comstar are partners of the Neptun IBC.
Neptun IBC is equipped with a self-contained heating system and emergency power supply.

Tenants can use a surface parking located on the Neptun IBC premises attached to the Neptun building.