Single (Block 3*)

Price from 2520 rub.
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  Dwelling space 12 sq.m., shower. Details

Twin/double room (Block 4*)

Price from 4250 rub.
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   Dwelling space 20 sq.m, bathtub. Details

Twin (Block 3*)

Price from 3400 rub.
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 Dwelling space 18 sq.m., shower. Details

Junior Suite (Block 4*)

Price from 8415 rub.
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 Dwelling space 27 sq.m., buthtub. Air-conditioning. Details

Junior Suite (Block 3*)

Price from 7055 rub.
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 Dwelling space 27 sq.m., bathtub. Details

Suite (Block 4*)

Price from 11220 rub.
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Dwelling space 50 cq.m., bedroom, drawing room, jacuzzi, air-conditioning. Details

Suite (Block 3*)

Price from 9265 rub.
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 Dwelling space 44 sq.m., buthtub. Details

«Silver» Apartment (Block 4*)

Price from 24650 rub.
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 Dwelling space 145 sq.m., sitting room, kitchenette, bedroom, office, jacuzzi, air-conditioning. Details

«Gold» Apartment (Block4*)

Price from 34000 rub.
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 «Gold» Luxe-Apartment Apartment laid out on two levels, including a bedroom, an office, a dining room, a sitting room, a kitchenette, sauna, two shower cabins, jacuzzi and fitness facilities as well. The sitting room of the apartment offer a panoramic view of the city crowned with the golden dome of St.Isaak’s Cathedral. Dwellingspace 185 sq.m. air-conditioning. Details